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9/1/2015: Avantstar Launches Quick View Plus Web - HTML5-Based Viewer at ILTA Conference 2015
Users can view virtually any file, plus metadata and "hidden" information, in a web browser.

8/20/2013: Avantstar’s Quick View Plus® 13 Professional Edition Reveals Even More Hidden Content
The number one software choice for eDiscovery and native file review includes new features and support for more than 20 additional file formats.

8/20/2013: Avantstar Expands File-Format Support with Quick View Plus® 13 Standard Edition
Software cost-effectively addresses file-viewing needs with new support for more than 20 additional file formats.

1/30/2012: Avantstar Expands Quick View Plus® Professional Edition File Viewing Software to Unlock Hidden Content
Quick View Plus 12 Professional Edition cost-effectively addresses even more of law firms’ native file review needs with new features and 32 additional file formats.

1/30/2012: Enhanced Avantstar Quick View Plus® Standard Edition File-Viewing Software Boosts Expanded File-Format Support
Quick View Plus 12 cost-effectively addresses file-viewing needs with enhanced features and 32 additional file formats.

1/31/2011: Avantstar Partners with e-Discovery Software Leader
Partner Agreement with Merrill Corporation provides Merrill Lextranet clients with native file viewing capabilities via Quick View Plus 11 Professional Edition.

8/10/2010: Avantstar’s Quick View Plus 11 File Viewing Software Expands Support to Newest Versions of Microsoft Windows and Office
Metadata view, enhanced search, and Microsoft® Project Gantt Chart support also improve file-viewing efficiency for large enterprises and government.

11/12/2009: Avantstar Partners with IRM Software Leader Recommind
Partnership with Recommind provides clients with on-premise and on-demand viewing capabilities for Axcelerate eDiscovery

10/27/2009: Avantstar Partners with discover-e Legal
Strategic relationship reduces operating costs and electronic discovery processing time.

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