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7/18/2017: Avantstar Launches Quick View Plus 2017
The world's leading desktop file viewer now available as a subscription license and includes new features and capabilities to deliver more productivity than every before

9/1/2015: Avantstar Launches Quick View Plus Web - HTML5-Based Viewer at ILTA Conference 2015
Users can view virtually any file, plus metadata and "hidden" information, in a web browser.

8/20/2013: Avantstar’s Quick View Plus Reveals Even More Hidden Content
The number one software choice for eDiscovery and native file review includes new features and support for more than 20 additional file formats.

8/20/2013: Avantstar Expands File-Format Support with Quick View Plus
Software cost-effectively addresses file-viewing needs with new support for more than 20 additional file formats.

1/30/2012: Avantstar Expands Quick View Plus® Professional Edition File Viewing Software to Unlock Hidden Content
Quick View Plus 12 Professional Edition cost-effectively addresses even more of law firms’ native file review needs with new features and 32 additional file formats.

1/30/2012: Enhanced Avantstar Quick View Plus® Standard Edition File-Viewing Software Boosts Expanded File-Format Support
Quick View Plus 12 cost-effectively addresses file-viewing needs with enhanced features and 32 additional file formats.

1/31/2011: Avantstar Partners with e-Discovery Software Leader
Partner Agreement with Merrill Corporation provides Merrill Lextranet clients with native file viewing capabilities via Quick View Plus 11 Professional Edition.

8/10/2010: Avantstar’s Quick View Plus 11 File Viewing Software Expands Support to Newest Versions of Microsoft Windows and Office
Metadata view, enhanced search, and Microsoft® Project Gantt Chart support also improve file-viewing efficiency for large enterprises and government.

11/12/2009: Avantstar Partners with IRM Software Leader Recommind
Partnership with Recommind provides clients with on-premise and on-demand viewing capabilities for Axcelerate eDiscovery

10/27/2009: Avantstar Partners with discover-e Legal
Strategic relationship reduces operating costs and electronic discovery processing time.

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